About Mistress Ava

I am your Mistress and your Goddess. I know about you and your naughty little secrets, your desire to be bound and tormented, your need for discipline, your secret desire to feel the softness of pretty panties next to your skin. We both know you've been a bad boy. Come tell me your secrets, they'll be safe with me. Only you and I will ever know.

I will see you in a safe place and train you to be the best slave for my needs. I am extremely comfortable providing fetish sessions for novices, as well as those experiencing their very first session. I can make you my "Little Bitch", teach you how to walk in high heels and stockings, and moan like a real woman. I enjoy watching you squirm and suffer at my will and whim.

I am a Professional Dominatrix. This means that sessions with me are earned. If you are looking for a kinky girlfriend you should look elsewhere. Sessions with me are earned through cash tribute, the gift of BDSM toys or fetish wear of my choosing.

When you first contact me you are to tell me what fantasies and activities you crave, as well as what your current limits are. You will also tell me about your last relationship with a Mistress, and end by telling me when you are available to schedule a session. The first test of your willingness to submit to me starts now. Show me that you can follow directions.

I will not exchange endless emails. If you are uncertain about scheduling a session I will meet you in a public place for coffee or a meal. We can discuss this mutual interest of ours in a neutral setting. I DO expect a token of your appreciation to be provided upon a meeting like this. This token will be a toy or bondage accessory that I have selected before our meeting.

If you waste my time you will be discarded.

My Guidelines

  • I love My boys naked, on their knees, and patiently waiting for Me in My private dungeon.
  • I will draw you in and find out the little secrets youíve held for so long. Tell Me your dreams, fears, and passions.
  • Do not start the process of becoming My submissive unless you intend to complete the journey. My time is valuable, so donít waste it if youíre not serious.
  • Always address Me properly as "Mistress", "Mistress Ava" or "my Mistress".
  • Respect is expected and mutual. Your safety is my responsibility and I take it very seriously.
  • I welcome all submissive boys from 18 to 80, whether youíre a novice or a seasoned veteran.
  • I will teach and train you exactly how I prefer to be served.
  • We will not engage in the following: Anything illegal, unsafe, or non-consensual. Consent will be obtained as we exchange e-mails covering the activities youíve expressed an interest in, and those I agree with.
  • I will teach and train you exactly how I prefer to be served.
  • Sex, oral or otherwise, is never permitted. I am a Domina and your Mistress. I am Not a prostitute. Do Not insult Me or embarrass yourself by asking or begging for sex. And, donít bother using the following request...ďplease Mistress, force me to orally worship You, as that would be the ultimate form of submission.Ē That request shows a total lack of respect for Me, and tells Me youíre not submissive but only interested in sex.
  • One final note; Iím not interested in nor looking for a boyfriend or a 24/7 live-in submissive or slave.


Mistress Ava steps on you