A Brief Introduction

I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for many years now. Introducing new submissives to this world is one of my greatest joys. The pathways of the mind are my fetish and the reactions of my submissives are what get stir my soul.

Iíve spoken to many submissives that express great confusion when I ask them what their limits and desires happen to be. Iíve even received an email that suggested I was not a real Mistress because "no real Mistress would ask about a slave's fantasies". I think this is an important point to clarify. I am a Mistress and I do ask. I enjoy the reaction of my submissives, the emotional rush of forcing someone to do something that terrifies and excites them.

I have one submissive that turns red in the face when told to put on his panties. I have another that loves his garter belt so much he shops for new colors by himself. I have several others that would wear women's clothing if I told them to, but it does nothing for them. Neutral, bland, is dull. I want that fire of response that I get when I ride the line of a submissive's dark fantasies. I'm not telepathic, so I don't know unless I ask. That gasp, the blush of embarrassment, the subtle shift of weight when told to do something Ė these things light the predatory fire in my eyes. It's what gets me off.

The toys, the play, all of it is a way to get to what I truly desire - that raw, unfiltered reaction. No masks, just primal response. The tools to get there vary with each person. I am very, very good at what I do, and to be very good I must be well informed.

If you are looking for a Mistress that will not ensure that all participants in a relationship, whether that relationship be Pro or live in, are safe and experience growth, look elsewhere.

Mistress Ava

Mistress Ava steps on you